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No where else in the world such a variety of framed art could exist in one commercial gallery.

Artirama has world rights for more than 68 original art works, Watercolor, silk and oil paintings of landscapes, flowers and still life, not available in its originality by any other gallery in the world.

In addition, Artirama represents the international renowned artist Nahda. An artist that has an enormous variety of work in the world and specifically California. Winner of several awards in the world of art.


Artirama's collection run in parallel with the Arab traditions, in step with the exclusive taste of international galleries.

Artirama provides works of Arab artists at highest quality standards and competitive prices.

Our exclusive mirror collection adorns palaces and museums yet at affordable prices.

Artirama designs and produces unequalled beautiful antique frames exclusive for its own gallery at competitive prices with quality matching the finest Italian original Frames.


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Artirama, offers a range of Pottery , table gifts, accessories, Glass Chandeliers and extensive ready to use Mirrors in antique or modern frames. Eclectic and selective.


Artirama will Re-frame, Re-mat, Re-design the whole artwork to suit your furniture color scheme or decor.