Arabian Daggers

Served as the instruments of survival until the advent of firearms in the Arabian regions. They were essentially used as vital as food and water and thus, were an integral part of the Bedouin culture. They were used for hunting, in the battle-front, for tribal dances etc. Presently, they are used on ceremonial occasions. They are also a vital part of the dress costume of most Arab cultures. The commonly found daggers in Arabia include:

The double edged and heavy, Jambiya daggers include a curved blade with a raised central rib and various handle types. Found over the entire Muslim world, with regional variations, Jambiya daggers are worn sheathed onto the sides.

The blades of the Khanjar daggers have less curves. They are carried in a decorated sheath and fastened horizontally onto the belt, with the handle to the left side of the person wearing it.

This type of dagger has a straight double-edged blade and the sheath are ornate metals decorated with colored stones. These daggers are commonly found in Jordan and other neighboring countries.


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